Single-use plastic (SUP) products, compared with other groups of waste, are by far the most harmful to our health and our environment. A recent EU Directive aims at eliminating plastic entirely in the European market, including Poland, or at least restricting it to a certain degree over the coming years.

Getting rid of plastic within the Directive’s given time-frame largely depends on us – the consumer. After all, it is our demands that businesses attempt to meet. A consistent „NO!” to disposable plastic from each and every one of us and a commitment to raising awareness are essential. This will give us a foundation from which to build a plastic-free life and lifestyle.

We are a group of scientists and students at the Jagiellonian University of Kraków who want to take a closer look at the extent of SUP use in local restaurants and places to eat, and have created the QUIT PLASTIC (NIE! DLA PLASTIKU) project for this reason.

We have created a short online questionnaire, which can be done anonymously by anyone at any time, even or especially while in the place in question. The greater the participation in the survey, the more accurate will be our picture of the extent of plastic-use.

We can all become researchers and be part of this important research itself. There’s really no time to lose, so please complete the questionnaire and share it with others.

Thank you for your help.





Translation: Agnieszka Zamojska-King; Geoff King