What’s next?

The scale of this research is yet unknown. What we do know is that the greater the public contribution to completing our questionnaire, the more informative our analysis will be.

We are aiming to draw up a list of dining establishments. We are particularly interested in places to eat on the premises of universities and colleges, which, being educational institutions, should be role models to others regarding SUP and other issues.

Based on the responses to our questionnaire, the results of our research, will present the average use of plastic products in various kinds of restaurant and places to eat, broken down into categories such as: location, type of business, etc. The findings will be regularly published and updated here on our QUIT PLASTIC website.

Drawing up the above is the first stage of the QUIT PLASTIC (NIE! DLA PLASTIKU) project. We then intend to make contact with and personally approach dining businesses – their owners, the staff, the clients – in order to open up a dialogue regarding the upcoming changes and the requirements of the EU Directive. From this we will be able to ascertain their levels of awareness and preparedness to take the relevant action.