Become a researcher!

Single-use plastic (SUP) products are repeatedly used in restaurants and cafes. Our aim is to examine if and which soon-to-be-banned SUP products continue to be used in these and other eating establishments. Being that the EU Directive relating to this has just been passed and has yet to come into force, this seems the optimum time to do this.

The survey will give an overview of restaurants and other places to eat, in terms of:

  • the quantity of single-use products, made of various types of plastics (e.g. packaging for beverages, cutlery, plates, straws, stirrers for drinks), used or on offer on the premises,
  • possible solutions enabling customers to limit the use of the above-mentioned products,
  • adequate facilities for the disposal of other SUP products (e.g. sanitary towels, tampons, wet wipes) also listed in the Directive,
  • information for customers on how to dispose of plastic waste and the negative effects of environmental pollution.

We broadcast the QUIT PLASTIC (NIE! DLA PLASTIKU) project in various media, as well as talk about it with many people who then pass the information on. This initiative has already received a significant level of attention.

We encourage you to become a researcher. All you need to do is choose and visit a dining establishment – restaurant, cafe, other – and take a closer look at how it’s run regarding the issues we have addressed. Then complete our short Questionnaire, which is anonymous, and can be done by anyone at any time, even or especially while in the restaurant or cafe. It will only take a few minutes and your contribution will be a great help.

People want to take action, get involved, and help. You also have the opportunity to do so by joining us in the QUIT PLASTIC (NIE! DLA PLASTIKU) project:

  1. Complete the Questionnaire
  2. Spread the message among your friends
  3. Visit our page on FB.



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